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Why you might consider a later life mortgage:

  • To boost your retirement income
  • To enable you to stay in the home you love
  • To ‘sort out’ the garden now it is difficult to manage
  • To carry out essential repairs on your property
  • Because you have limited income and managing day to day is not easy
  • To repay debts that you are unable to manage
  • To replace the car
  • To build the extension that you have always planned
  • To help your children with a deposit for their 1st home
  • To take the dream holiday you promised yourselves
Equity Release Advice East Sussex
Equity Release Advice East Sussex

Options that may be available with a later life Mortgage:

  • You can choose to pay interest regularly if you wish
  • You can choose to let the interest roll up
  • You can choose to pay intermittent sums from the debt if you wish
  • Many lenders fix the rate for your lifetimes when the mortgage commences
  • If you do not take the maximum initially you may be able to request more money later without needing financial or legal advice
  • Further drawdown sums would be at the prevailing rate at the time
  • You may be able to move home with the mortgage subject to the property being suitable to the lender
  • The Equity Release Council determines that the debt may not exceed the value of your home so your family will not be left with a debt on your death
  • There are not likely to be early repayment charges if you need to go into care or when you die.

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